First Date Conversation Starter

Darren Miller from, provides a great explanation on what to say on first date, how you can start a conversation so there isn’t an awkward silence.  Darren uses a formula to get answers out of his date without leaving dead air space and still being in control of the date. The word “FORM” is used in order to ask questions.

The first letter from the word is “F”: friends – ask questions based on family and friends. “O” is occupation – ask about their job, what do they do, why did they go into that field etc… “R” is recreation; ask them what they do in their free time, what are their hobbies. And “M” is to know what motivates them in life.

Darren Miller definitely pulls out all the stops in this video, so be sure to watch this video.

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Dating Tips for Guys – How to Ask a Girl Out

In this video clip, a dating and relationship coach from gives the basic tips in dating a guy on adultfrinendfinder from a female perspective.

Jessica Clair talks about how to ask a girl out and what methods to use. She says there are many ways to go about it, but there are rules. First you have to personalize the date as you don’t want to take every girl to the same place. So, when you ask a girl out on a date, have something in mind that the girl is interested in and plan it so it is perfect.

Secondly, ask her out casually. Don’t make it too easy for her to reject you, and don’t get too attracted to the idea that if she doesn’t want to go then you should ask someone else. You should keep trying. Maybe you caught her at a bad time.

This clip is packed with great tips on dating, so check it out.

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