How to Get Over a Break Up

The renowned heartbreak healer, Michael Myerscough, provides some excellent tips on how to get over a break up with the number one self help secret of his new product that he is promoting. Michael explains that at the initial stage, when you’re heart is broken, you’re really not looking for advice. Instead you are looking for is reassurance.

Michael stresses you have to change your focus. It is essential. In the beginning, you have to use your force of will, you can’t afford to be thinking about the lovely times with your ex as shown also on adultfrienedfinder app reviews. The biggest mistake people make is when they visually imagine the good times about their ex, things like cuddling up on the couch, going to the movies together, holding hands. Those images will hurt you and for now you have to throw them out, think about how she made you feel and use that pain.

Watch this passionate video clip of Michael Myerscough to learn more about heart healing.

Do’s and Don’ts To Get Your Ex Back Now

This short and straight to the point video tells what the things that you should do and the things that you shouldn’t do when you are trying to get your ex back.

DO NOT sit around feeling sorry for yourself. This is extremely unattractive and will show itself in everything you say or do. People don’t want to be with people who are sad and depressed. Everyone will steer clear of you, and you will feel awful.

DO think about what your ex said about why they broke up with you. Take this on board and make changes to yourself to show your ex that the relationship will be better. Show them that you have learnt from your mistakes.

DO NOT play the sympathy card. It probably won’t work. If it does, getting someone to feel sorry for you is about as effective as feeling sorry for yourself. You don’t want your ex getting back with you because they pity you. The relationship will only end again in a few months for the same reasons.

DO show your ex that you are strong and can make it by yourself. This will attract them because you will be happier in yourself and more confident. As said earlier, people want to be with happy people who can have fun. For more advice and tips, watch the video!

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