Speaking The Unspoken

In this video clip, dating guru and expert in attracting women, David Deangelo explains a situation that he was in where he was flirting with a woman using what he calls ‘cocky comedy’.

So, David and a friend went to a restaurant in Venice and from the get go he flirted with the hostess. When she asked how many people needed to be seated David replied ‘yeah 2, or 3 if you are going to join us, and use your employee discount to buy us dinner for free.’ It was all banter and jokes between the two of them. They had a little vibe going.

As David was eating, he called over the waitress and put a deadly serious look on his face as if he was going to complain about the food. However, when she came over, he simply said ‘when I walked in I was flirting with you and we had a vibe going, but you haven’t even bothered to come and talk to me, and I feel unloved.’

This technique works best because you are being direct with the woman. She doesn’t expect you to say something like that. It works really well if you have that vibe too.

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How to Attract Women – The 4 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid

In this video clip, the famous dating and relationship master, Carlos Xuma, talks about a subject that he understands far better than most people: How to attract women, the 4 deadly mistakes to avoid. Carlos says, needing a woman to like you and approve of you is not the way to go. By this Carlos means women want a man who doesn’t really need or want her approval this is known as law of attraction something to remember.

Carlos also mentioned believing it’s about looks, money or age is common mistake men make, however, these can be an added bonus even on adultfrinendfinder.com login but women are more attracted to masculinity and confidence will always beat these hands down. He also says confidence is simply how relaxed and calm you are when you’re around women this is a critical fact.

Be sure to keep watching Carlos Xuma’s insightful video clips to learn all about dating and how to attract women.

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